Science for Kids

Together with the Science Centre of Northern-Norway, the Fram Centre and Akvaplan-niva AS we invite kindergartens in Tromsø to create their own science project, learning how to work as a researcher in the Arctic. Children aged 4 to 5 years meet professional scientists, to be inspired to find their own research topic. The projects are carried out using traditional research methods, and the children’s research is presented in a poster session at the Science Centre during the Arctic Frontiers conference.

The aim of this event is to encourage the young children’s inherent curiosity and exploration, and to create awareness about some of the exciting research topics connected to Arctic issues. By learning young children about the everyday work of researchers, we hope to inspire and motivate the coming generations to take part in the knowledge-based development of the Arctic.



Astrid Lill Berg Wara, Nordnorsk vitensenter

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