Thoughts on Arctic Seaways

Daniel Skjeldam, CEO of the Norwegian explorer cruise line Hurtigruten . Photo: Wang Wenya

In the recent few years, there has been a rapid increase in arctic cruise shipping and tourism. What are the challenges and opportunities for arctic communities? Do we have the adequate infrastructures in place to ensure sustainability and safe sailing?

Michael Byers, University of British Colombia, Canada, Aziz Merchant, Keppel Offshore & Marine Limited, Daniel Skjeldam, CEO of the Norwegian explorer cruise line Hurtigruten give us their opinions about sustainable and safe traveling and shipping from their fields in terms of traveling and shipping in the Arctic area. I am really impressed by Daniel Skjeldam’s speech when saying the goal of greener and faster. In fact, environment and economic seem to be contradictory, thus the balance and sustainable development is not easy. I am wondering what governmental institutions and practices will foster in the future.

Though this section, I have a more straightforward and deeper understanding of Arctic seaways. Meanwhile, it gives me more thought about sustainable shipping in the Arctic, and I will do my best to try to contribute this study in my further research.

By Wang Wenya, PhD student in Dalian Maritime University, China

DISCLAIMER: These posts are contributions from participants in Arctic Frontiers Young Ambassadors program and do not necessarily reflect the views of Arctic Frontiers.

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