The Blue Economy and the Arctic Council

Ingrid Kalvik, Magnús Jóhannesson, Professor Oran Young and Tom Arnbom presenting at the Blue Economy and the Arctic Council side event

This side event focus on the concept and application of the Blue Economy. Five Speakers shared their experiences and thoughts about this topic. Professor Oran Young first addressed that the Arctic Council have much potential to enhance the intersectoral management concerning the blue economy. Magnús Jóhannesson, Special Adviser for Arctic Affairs, emphasized that development is not only to maximize the economic values but to promote the sustainability of the livelihoods in the Arctic and Tom Arnbom, Senior advisor on the Arctic & Ocean stressed that it is timely for the Arctic Council to discuss the guidance to handle problems threatening the sustainable development of the Arctic. Given the rapidly changing reality, we need to combine knowledge and mandate to tackle this urgent issue. Finally, Senior Scientist, Ingrid Kvalvik talked about her positive prospect on economic development in the Arctic. She thinks through the blue economy, we can gather market, companies, and local community together to share the responsibility for sustainable development.

Though there is a grey area about unsustainable and sustainable economy, I am very excited about this trend in the Arctic and globally. Five speakers also hold an encouraging viewpoint about the prospect of the blue economy. It concerns problems beyond national planning and the Arctic Council can play an important role in mending those problems. What we missed about the Arctic is the governance, Tom Arnbom said. And Prof. Young suggests that we need a holistic perspective to track, monitor and assess our practices in the Arctic. Magnús Jóhannesson then showed advanced technology and plenty of opportunities to utilize blue biomass. Many officials, scholars, and businessmen from many countries have shared their concerns about the blue economy.


Yufei Li, Masters, Shanghai Institute for International Studies, China




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