My own experience of Session I: State of the Arctic

Ms. Sun talking about Chinese policy towards the Arctic Photo: Sirun Li

First of all It is truly a great honor to be here. The first session is an overall introduction of the Arctic and the concerns of key countries according to over-board cooperation to develop the sustainable and healthy growth.

As a Chinese student, it is a great surprise to hear Ms. Sun talking about Chinese policy towards the Arctic. I personally nearly have no chance to hear other voices instead ourselves’. I am really impressed by Ms. Sun’s speech. Starting off with a great panel with all female politicians and social scientists to discuss the top issues of Arctic is truly a successful starting of the conference.

I always believe that the Arctic is a region characterized by peace and global cooperation, and the speakers all emphasized the crucial role of cooperation among key players on the stage. The Arctic is facing tremendous challenges now, and every Arctic State and near-Arctic state should bear the responsibility and maximize efforts to keep sustainable development of the Arctic.

Sirun Li is from Koguan School of Law, Shanghai Jiao Tong University





DISCLAIMER: These posts are contributions from participants in Arctic Frontiers Young Ambassadors program and do not necessarily reflect the views of Arctic Frontiers.

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