Posters at the Edge

Master student in marine biology, Margot Nyeggen, in front of her poster about zooplankton in Svalbard. Photo credit: Emilie Hernes Vereide.

The Poster Session on Tuesday at Clarion Hotel The Edge was the perfect place to begin the scientific part of Arctic Frontiers. I was thrilled to see so many people with different backgrounds and motivation get together to be informed, discuss and meet. The posters varied in topics, and you could find exiting stories about everything from climate changes to technology, microplastics and management. After the Poster Session there will also be some presenters with their posters awarded for their oustanding design and presentation.

One of the participants, Margot Nyeggen (picture), a master student in marine biology, said this was a terrific opportunity to get involved and to get feedback.  This was her first time presenting a poster at a scientific conference, and she thinks it is a good way to make relations both internationally and interdisciplinary. Her poster, about zoopankton in Svalbard, was one out of 71 posters presented this year. I was personally surprised by the high number of both young students and experienced scientists giving their best at communicating their ineterests and research.

Participants and posters presenters admiring som of the posters. Photo credit: Emilie Hernes Vereide

In addition to the scientific outcome, the Poster Session was a place for good conversations and the atmosphere was both laidback and welcoming. All in all, I was very satisfied to have joined this session, and I am already looking forward to next years scientific posters.

By Emilie Hernes Vereide, Masters, University of Oslo





DISCLAIMER: These posts are contributions from participants in Arctic Frontiers Young Ambassadors program and do not necessarily reflect the views of Arctic Frontiers.

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