Investing in the Arctic thoughts from a Young Ambassador

Mr. Jan Moström, CEO of LKAB picture by Qi Zou

I am a master from China ,my name is Zou Qi. The Arctic Frontier conference is one of the most influential arctic conferences in the world ,with more than 3,000 participants. I am lucky to take part in these workshops. I attended the side event, Investing in the Arctic organized by Arctic Frontiers and the Arctic Economic Council .It was excited to meet Mr. Tero Vauraste, Chair of Arctic Economic Council (AEC) and  Madeleine Redfern, the Mayor of Iqaluit City and other speakers.

We discussed some key questions, such as what factors investors are looking at when making investment decisions, and how do these correspond to the Arctic? What is needed to make the Arctic an interesting area for investments? How can the Arctic stakeholders work to improve these conditions? Arctic development is on the rise, and some new problems have arisen. So these discussions are very necessary.

Arctic Investment Protocol are some principles for investing in the Arctic. I think it is very timely. These new challenges cannot be solved by individual countries or Arctic countries. China is one of the main investors in the Arctic. Russia’s yamal LNG project, the world’s largest LNG project, China is the most important investor contributing $16.5 billion. China’s investment activities should comply with these beneficial rules. So I think this agreement can  invite the Chinese to participate. China is very willing to promote the sustainable development of the arctic region.


Qi Zou is a Masters student, the Ocean University of China





DISCLAIMER: These posts are contributions from participants in Arctic Frontiers Young Ambassadors program and do not necessarily reflect the views of Arctic Frontiers.

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