Arctic Business Matchmaking

    First panel discussion: From the left – –Liv Monica Stubholt (Moderator), Oscar Graff (Aker Solutions), Ørjan Birkeland, (Equinor), Kaj –Gunnar Dahl (Vår Energi), Kjell Giæver, (Petro Arctic). Photo: Anna Millionova Hvistendahl

The B2B session is a side event at Arctic Frontiers that involved business representatives from large-scale industries such as energy sectors and industrial solutions and services.

The main agenda of the event was to create an interaction between the industry and the technology solutions that promote a shift towards the Green Economy.

The moderators Liv Monica Stubholt and Klas Blomqvist were hosting the event and kept the panel discussion with a vivid interaction and critical questions. The most discussed topics at the panel were regarding the CO2 capture innovations, the challenges to these solutions and the role of the CSR at the organizations.

I have chosen to attend this event using it as a professional opportunity and to supplement my knowledge of sustainable development in the Arctic.

Since the region presents various economic opportunities in natural resources, the role of cross-sectoral collaboration for resource management is the key towards achieving sustainability in the Arctic.

The two-panel discussions between the audiences and the speakers have emphasized the role of partnerships between the industries itself, their suppliers and the government. However, these partnerships require not only collaboration but also a commitment from relevant stakeholders.

The regulations and expectations for the transitioning to the Green economy are present, however, the challenge that the participants have expressed whether there is a market for it?

In my opinion, the businesses facing a dilemma on how to achieve a sustainable economy. The technological solutions are present but further research and data are necessary to assess the risks and its management.

Moreover, it is rather costly, and a certain amount of capital is needed for transitioning to more sustainable solutions.

At the same time, the urgent actions from businesses are needed in reducing the environmental impact. In my opinion, close and effective collaboration between the industry and their technological solution suppliers can contribute highly in achieving the Green economy in the Arctic.

Therefore, the role of the events as such is important and relevant to further development of the sustainable and Green future in the Arctic.

Second panel discussion: From the Left –Liv Monica Stubholt (Moderator), Manu Grönlund (Pori Offshore Construction Oy), Per Anders Eidem (Sintef Helgeland), Ørjan Birkeland, (Equinor), Oscar Graff (Aker Solutions), Thomas Hansen (ST1). Photo: Anna Millionova Hvistendahl

By Anna Millionova Hvistendahl, Masters, Aalborg University, Denmark





DISCLAIMER: These posts are contributions from participants in Arctic Frontiers Young Ambassadors program and do not necessarily reflect the views of Arctic Frontiers.

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