ARCTOS/APECS workshops

Early career scientists of the ARCTOS Research Network and APECS (Association for Polar Early Career Scientists) under the lead of Martí Amargant Arumí are organizing a range of virtual workshops inspired by the topic of the Arctic Frontiers conference 2021 ‘Building Bridges’. More info, regarding speakers, dates/times, and registration will come soon.


Workshop 1. Bridges amongst researchers: Strengthening the network of Arctic biomarker scientists


Responsible: Doreen Kohlbach, Norwegian Polar Institute

Description: Biomarkers are essential tools in tracing ecosystem health and function in the Polar Regions. This workshop aims to serve as a networking platform for researchers in the field of Arctic biomarkers, and those who may benefit from close collaborations with them. It will start with break-off groups of participants organized by research environment (sympagic, pelagic, benthic, terrestrial), who will converse about state-of-the-art methods used in polar research, with focus on their advantages and drawbacks. After a break, the discussion will broaden to a plenary session. The results of the conversations will be summarized and potentially included in a review paper. Another end goal of this workshop is to generate a mailing list to facilitate exchange of ideas moving forward.


Workshop 2. Bridges to the community: Exploring multiple outreach channels and responding to a targeted audience


Responsible : Robynne Nowicki, The University Centre in Svalbard

Description: Effective communication with stakeholders is critical for impactful science. This session is designed to showcase a wide range of outreach opportunities and resources, often unknown to ECRs. Participants will learn about both oral and written formats of communicating their research, such as the journal Frontiers for Young Minds, or the initiatives “Pint of Science” and “Skype a Scientist”. At the end of the first session, participants will be required to produce a short communication (e.g. a popular abstract, or a one-minute elevator pitch) about their current work. These products will be delivered to a group of students at the Tromsø International School, who will have 1-2 days to prepare questions. In a follow-up session, the workshop participants will answer these questions in either online meeting or recording format.


Workshop 3. Bridges to the industry: Arctic seaweed farming as a case study for stakeholder communication


Responsible: Ariadna Szczybelski, UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Description:  Food security in Arctic regions has become a topical issue as the planet transitions to a warmer climate. In this session, the case study of Arctic seaweed farming will be used as an opportunity to learn how to establish meaningful and effective conversations with diverse stakeholders as a scientist. Attendants will hear from companies and environmental agencies about how they envision the transition from local to industrial seaweed farming; and how such processes contribute to addressing the Sustainability goals. Attendants will role-play a discussion between interested parts on the matter.


Workshop 4. Bridges we do not cross: diversity and underrepresentation in science


Responsible: Yasemin Bodur, UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Description: Recent political events sparked discussions about racism and underrepresentation of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) at work spaces. It is most overdue for the scientific community to confront uncomfortable questions: How diverse are STEM fields really? In the framework of this workshop, we want to analyze and identify the historical and socio-cultural mechanisms leading to a scientific landscape of poor diversity, examine why it is important to enforce diversity especially in science, and discuss possible measures to promote a more welcoming science environment. This will be done by directly engaging BIPOC organizations that promote representation in STEM fields.



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