Renée Sauvé

Fisheries and Oceans, Canada. Chair of the Arctic Council's Working Group on the Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment

Born in Saint Boniface, Manitoba, Canada, Ms. Sauvé has maintained a long career with the federal government in various regions of Canada. She obtained her degree in natural sciences at the University of Manitoba (1985) and began her career as a Biologist with Fisheries and Oceans Canada.  The early part of her career entailed research in the Canadian arctic, principally related to oil and gas development. As a Habitat Biologist on the west coast she was responsible for conducting impact assessments related to foreshore and forestry development. In 1995 Ms. Sauvé obtained a position with the Department of Foreign Affairs as a Foreign Service Officer and was responsible for international environmental policy related to freshwater, marine and wildlife management files.  She was briefly seconded to the provincial Government of British Columbia to advise on the issue of the international export of bulk freshwater. As a Foreign Service Officer she was responsible for representing Canada at a number of international venues, including those associated with the UN and the Convention on Biological Diversity. After 6 years with Foreign Affairs, Ms. Sauvé returned to Fisheries and Oceans Canada and was responsible for providing international policy advice, and was the lead Canadian negotiator for the marine component of the World Summit of Sustainable Development (2002).  M.s Sauvé is currently a Director with the External Relations Directorate of Fisheries and Oceans Canada in Ottawa. Ms Sauvé has represented Canada at numerous multilateral negotiations related to marine biodiversity and ocean governance, including at the UN and the Arctic Council.  Currently, Ms. Sauvé is the international Chair of the marine Working Group of the Arctic Council.  Ms. Sauvé resides in Ottawa, Canada with her family.

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