Nathalie Le Francois

Researcher, Biodôme de Montréal/Espace pour la vie, Québec, Canada

Nathalie Rose Le François has a doctorate in Oceanography (INRS/Oceanology-UQAR, 1998) and is a fish ecophysiologist. Dr. Le François works with native and/or coldwater fish species of special status (fished, cultured or endangered). At the Biodôme de Montréal she’s associated with the marine ecosystem and is actively involved in the integration of processes for improving water quality to benefit the living aquatic collections (aquatic bioremediation using macroalgae and bacteria). She also works on various research projects in fish physiology, conservation physiology, macroalgal culture and sustainable development aimed at the aquaculture industry. She is involved since 2013 in a research program in Antarctica involving the study of climate change on the embryonic development of key antarctic fish species (Channichthyidae and Nototheniidae) in collaboration with Northeastern University and University of Oregon . Since January 2009 she’s been a scientific advisor at the Montréal Biodôme and associate professor at the Université du Québec à Rimouski and at Université Laval. She is coordinator of UROC_Q (research unit aimed at charr biology) and URPC_A (research unit aimed at wolffishes physiology and conservation). She has authored over 45 publications and acted as chief editor of the reference book : Finfish Aquaculture Diversification 2010 (Le François, Jobling, Carter & Blier). Her species of predilection are the wolffishes, icefishes and charrs.

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