Johannes Dyring

Director Industry Liaison Office, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

In 2015, the University of Saskatchewan (UofS) recruited Johannes as Managing Director, Industry Liaison Office (ILO) to develop and strengthen its innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialization capacity. The ILO manages all intellectual property matters at the UofS and is responsible for the translation from research results to products and services. The ILO currently ranks second in Canada in licensing income.

Johannes is establishing and implementing a new vision and strategy for innovation at the UofS as well as capacity building, operational and organizational development. Fundamental pillars of the new vision and strategy are an entrepreneurial mind-set and approach as well as maximizing impact and value creation for society and industry.

Johannes cofounded and served as CEO of several high-tech and services companies and organizations in various fields before joining SLU Holding AB (Inc.) the commercial subsidiary of SLU, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, as CEO. SLU is a renowned, research intensive university with a mission to develop the understanding, sustainable use, and management of biological natural resources. SLU’s research ranges from environmental monitoring, climate changes, rural development, animal and human health to biotechnology and functional genomics.

Based on his experience from developing and managing organizations and high-tech businesses, Johannes established a successful innovation system at SLU. SLU Holding AB (Inc.) developed both advanced support services for researchers and innovators and an investment portfolio of high potential growth companies. Johannes served as chairman and board member for several research-based spin-off companies as well as the research institute JTI, the Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering.

In 2013, the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry elected him as an International Fellow” for his contribution to the development of the ’green economy’ through purposeful efforts with innovations, entrepreneurship and commercialization of research results.”

Johannes Dyring received his PhD in nuclear particle physics from Uppsala University, Sweden, and complemented his education with executive management courses from Harvard Business School, Rotman School of Management and others.

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