Evgeny Goman

Creator and director of Arctic Theater in Murmansk

Evgeny Goman creator and director of an independent contemporary theater called the Arctic Theater in Murmansk. Has been involved in international cultural and youth work for over 20 years with special accent on Barents cooperation being a Barents resident. A teacher by diploma among other things spent many years working for the Murmansk regional government, founded and managed an NGO and now works as a cultural entrepreneur in performing arts. Leader of a short but exciting project “Youth House “Mister Pink”. Founder of the biggest international culture festival “Barents Bird”. His projects are closely connected to the idea of discovering and uniting people living together to contemplate and act to make a change. One of the ongoing Arctic theater productions is a documentary dance performance about the Russian saami people. The creative team made research in Lovozero (a could-be-so-called reservation town where many saami were forced to move into in the 60s) making interviews with the locals. These interviews will be presented in Verbatim technique in the production along with the metaphorical dance pieces to introduce the modern Russian saami to the world.

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