Anja Bakken Riise

Leader, Future in our Hands (Framtiden i våre hender)

Anja Bakken Riise is the leader of Future in our hands (Framtiden i våre hender), Norway’s largest solidarity and environmental NGO, with more than 27.000 members. In 2015, Anja was key in organizing civil society towards the parliamentary decision to divest the Norwegian oil fund from coal companies. Future in our hands aims to reach both the general public – guiding citizens as to where to put their savings, but also towards policy makers, as well as the broader  finance sector in Norway. These days, Future in our hands has gained considerable attention because of their work with “Fair Finance Guide”. Fair Finance Guide is a ranking system where Norwegian banks get a score on the basis of more than 1000 criteria,  based upon their environmental, social and governmental -policies. This November the second and updated edition is launched, with new banks being introduced to the ranking.

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