Social Events

The Arctic Frontiers conference week does not only consist of political panel discussions, science talks, and keynotes. There is also a rich social events program with activities ranging from reindeer feeding and beer brewery tours to a Pecha Kucha event and seafood cruise.

Below is a list of some of the activities organized by Arctic Frontiers or our collaborators and partners.

If you’ve already registered and want to sign up for any of the events that are connected to the conference registration form, please contact our partners at Vican.


Sunday 29th of January

17:00 – 21:00 Sami camp and reindeer feeding
18:00 – 21:30 Mack Beer Brewery tour and dinner
18:00 –           The Northern Lights Festival: Concert with Niki Valkeapää, Verdensteateret

Monday 30th of January

19:00 – 22:00 Science Reception: Hosted by the Norwegian Polar Institute.

Tuesday 31st of January

19:00 – 20:30  AF Open: Nordområdesatsingen i krevende tider. Hvor går vi?
20:00 – 22:00 Pecha Kucha Science Communication
21:00 –             The Northern Lights Festival: Concert with Susanne Lundeng, Bakrommet

Wednesday 1st of February

19:00 – 20:30 Arktisk geopolitikk, lokale konsekvenser
19:30 –            Arctic Frontiers Reception

Thursday 2nd of February

17:00 – 21:00 Seafood cruise with Brim
18:00 –           The Northeren Lights Festival: Concert with Wooden Elephant, Verdensteateret
19:00 –           Architects talk

Every day throughout the conference

10:00 – 16:00 Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit: Art, Architecture and Traditional Knowledge Exhibition

Event descriptions

Sami camp and reindeer feeding

A short drive from the city and beautifully located by the sea, you will get to visit one of the local Sami families’ reindeer camps, where 300 reindeer are held over winter. Join us inside the reindeer fences and help feed the reindeer.

Afterward, we will visit the Gamme (a wooden traditional Sami building) for a warm meal around the bonfire, and inside the Lavvo (a traditional Sami tent) you will learn about Sami culture, traditions, and reindeer herding.

NOK 2250

Sign-up when registering for the conference.

Science Reception: Hosted by the Norwegian Polar Institute

Join us for a complimentary reception featuring local food and culture.

This is a complimentary (free) event, but registration is required due to limited space and entry into the building.

Where: Fram Center

Please signup here


AF Open: Nordområdesatsingen i krevende tider. Hvor går vi?

Hurdalsplattformen presenterte Nordområdene som Norges viktigste strategiske satsingsområde og varslet fornyet og forsterket innsats i nordområdene på tvers av flere sektorer, som utdanning og forskning, ressursforvaltning, næring og samferdsel. Uttalte målsetninger for regjeringen har vært reversering av den negative befolkningsutviklingen, utnytting av de lokale verdiene til å skape vekst, og å gjøre nordområdene til sentrum for grønn omstilling.

Russlands brutale angrepskrig på Ukraina understreker Nord-Norges geopolitiske plassering og det er vanlig å si at den beste garanti for suverenitetshevdelse er at det bor folk i Nord-Norge. Hvordan kan vi sammen utvikle Nord-Norge best mulig? Hvordan kan nordnorske samfunn samarbeide tettere med Sverige og Finland i nord? Panelsamtalen vil rette seg mot nordområdesatsingen fra ulike perspektiver.

Hvor: Skirri

Pecha Kucha Science Communication

You have 20 pictures and 20 seconds per picture to tell your story. This year’s theme is ‘Visions of the North’.

The event is open for all, including those not registered to attend the conference. So invite your friends and colleagues for networking, science communication and socialising.

Where: Storgata Camping

Want to participate? Please contact Jenny @ Arctic Frontiers.

The Northern Lights Festival: Niko Valkeapää: Biekkas – In the wind

By combining yoik, poetry and Sami music traditions, Valkeapää demonstrates that Sami music has a greater breadth than the stereotypical perception of yoik.

Where: Verdensteateret, NOK 385


The Northern Lights Festival: Susanne Lundeng

Susanne Lundeng’s music is described as virtuoso fiddle playing, fragile songs, innovation and tradition, with North Norwegian folkmusic at its core. Susanne is an award winning musician and songwriter, and is highly regarded for her collection, dissemination and further development of folk music over more than 30 years.

Where: Bakrommet, NOK 385


The Northern Lights Festival: Wooden Elephant – Kid A Recycled

A whole new world of electronic sounds and atmospheres calls for a whole new set of extended techniques and additional objects, and so Kid A saw Wooden Elephant exploring the acoustic possibilities of — among others — handheld fans, bluetack, bathroom sink plug chains, paper, and power drills.

Where: Verdensteateret, NOK 385


Arktisk geopolitikk, lokale konsekvenser

Den sikkerhetspolitiske spenningen i Arktis øker. Forholdet mellom NATO og Russland er anspent. Både arktiske og ikke-arktiske stater viser i økende grad frem sine militære evner i nord. Disse geopolitiske trendene har lokale konsekvenser. Over hele Arktis blir lokalsamfunn og byer påvirket av økningen i militær aktivitet.

Hvordan påvirkes lokalsamfunn over hele Arktis av disse internasjonale trendene? Hvilken rolle spiller lokale og regionale myndigheter og andre interessenter i denne utviklingen? Hvordan kan lokale og regionale interesser inkluderes og respekteres?

Where: Storgata Caming

Arctic Frontiers Reception

Join us for a networking reception at Radisson Blu Hotel.

We’ll serve refreshments from local food producers, while you can mingle, enjoy good music and good conversation with old and new friends.

Limited number of places, please sign-up when registering for the conference.



Architect Talk

The Canadian architects from Evoq architecture will present their work related to the exhibition: Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit, Art, Architecture and traditional knowledge.

The Arctic context in which they operate draws many similarities to Northern Norway with regard to climate, indigenous people, and nature. After their presentation, there will be an opportunity to discuss.

Sign up here.

Where: Rødbanken

Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit: Art, Architecture and Traditional Knowledge Exhibition

This exhibition aims to give Inuit artists the visibility they deserve, that has been long in coming.

By introducing Inuit culture and communities to the world, while demonstrating  how art is a powerful empowerment and reconciliation tool in Canada, the exhibition provides a glimpse of the CHARS as a model of holistic approach integrating art and science.

The exhibition is also an opportunity to emphasize Canada’s sustainable presence in the Arctic.

Where: Polaria

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