Abstract submission guidelines and instructions

Please read the following instructions on how to use the abstract submission system to prepare, submit, edit or withdraw an abstract for the Arctic Frontiers conference 2019.

Abstracts submitted in hard copy will not be accepted. Only abstracts submitted via the online submission system will be accepted and reviewed.

Register an abstract in the abstract submission system


  • Please remember that submitting an abstract does NOT automatically register you as a conference Conference registration can be done online through www.arcticfrontiers.com at a later date.
  • All communication about your abstract submission will be sent to the email address you submit. We therefore recommend that the person who submits the abstract is the presenting

Submission procedures

Submitting an abstract is a multi-step process, and each step asks several questions:

1. Locate your abstract file on your computer’s hard disk so you can copy/paste the information easily into the submission form

Page 1

3. Enter the personal details of the corresponding author.

Note that the fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory and you will not be able to proceed without completing them

It is very important that you enter your correct email address here because correspondence relating to your submissions will be sent to this address.

4. Early Career Scientist: Select if the presenting author is an Early Career (a current graduate student or finished an MS degree within 3 years or a PhD within 7 years). Select the tick box.

All Early Career poster presenters will be automatically included in the poster presentation award.

5. Once you have completed the form click ‘Next’ to proceed

Page 2

6. Enter the abstract title and abstract text.

Abstract title:

There is a limit of 35 words for the abstract title.

The title should be as brief as possible but long enough to indicate clearly the nature of the abstract. If you wish to include a subtitle, it must be included in this field. The title will be used for the final program and the book of abstracts.

Use the ‘–insert character–‘ button to include special characters. The title will be automatically formatted into uppercase.

Abstract text:

There is a limit of 400 words for the abstract text.

Any abstracts exceeding the word limit will not be accepted by the system.

The abstract text can be entered here by typing or copy and pasting from a text editor. Copy-pasting of formatted text from Microsoft Word is possible although formatting will be lost.

  • References are not required. If you wish to include them, they must be included in the body of your text and included in the 400 word count.
  • Special characters and Formatting can and should be used where necessary. Once your submission is complete, please read your abstract in full to ensure the symbols are displayed correctly, and if not, please click on the “Special characters” icon on the screen to see the list of available symbols.
  • Do not use tables or figures in your abstract text.

7. Themes: Choose which theme you wish to submit the abstract to.

8. Presentation format: Please select either ‘Oral’, ‘Poster’ or ‘Both’ from the list. Please note that if you select ‘Oral’ or ‘Poster’, your abstract will only be accepted on your chosen preference. If you wish to be considered for a poster if your abstract is not selected for an oral presentation, please choose the ‘Both’.

Preview: You can see how you abstract will look using the preview button.

9. Once you have completed the form click ‘Next’ to proceed

Page 3

10. Enter information on co-authors and their affiliations.

Authors of the abstract:

Please enter all authors and co-authors of your abstract in the order in which you wish them to appear in the program.

The name of the main author/presenter must be indicated.

Affiliation of the authors must be included. Do not give department, division, branch, street address, etc., when completing the institution information.

Please enter the authors details and press ‘Save’ in order to save the authors details. Please complete all fields marked (*) as these are required for administration.

Names omitted here will not appear in the author index or the final program. Please ensure that the spelling of their names and affiliations is correct.

11. Once you have completed the form click ‘Next’ to proceed

Page 4

12. Review the preview and information about your abstract. Including formatting, spelling, etc. in general, we do not edit abstracts.

Select if you would like to receive an email confirmation.

Select that you accept the terms and conditions of submission (Mandatory)

13. Click ‘Finish’ to confirm and finalise your submission.

14. If your submission was successful, a pop-up message will confirm:

Your submission has been completed. A confirmation email has been sent to you.”

Submitting more than one abstract

If you wish to submit an additional abstract, please repeat the process explained above. Please use the same email address and you will be able to access all the abstracts you submitted in the system.

Confirmation email

15. Check that you have received a confirmation email with your submission attached as a pdf file.

The email will also contain a link, which allows you to edit or amend your abstract submissions.

NOTE: We recommend that you share this confirmation mail with your co-authors so they can check that their names and affiliations are correctly listed and spelled.

Edit or Amend an Abstract

You may wish to change your answers to some of the questions on the submission form, or even to amend the abstract text itself.
1. Follow the link in the confirmation email

2. If this is your first visit to this page you will be requested to make an account. Complete the simple form with an email and

NOTE: It is important that you use the same email address as the one you used to submit the abstract.

Select ‘New account’ or ‘Login’ depending if this is your first visit or you already have an account.

3. Once you have logged in you will see the list of abstracts that you have submitted so far. Click on the abstract that you wish to amend and you will be taken to the abstract submission form for that

4. Edit the fields you want to change. The process of amending an abstract is the same as the original submission process, except that the fields will already be populated with your previous entries – you do not have to change an answer if you do not want

5. When you have made the required changes click ‘Finish’.

6. You will be sent an additional email confirming that your abstract has been amended – provided you have answered all the mandatory

Withdrawing an abstract

If you want to withdraw an abstract, please contact the Arctic Frontiers Secretariat in writing via email to secretariat@arcticfrontiers.com. Please note that withdrawals need to be communicated in writing by the author who originally submitted the abstract, and in doing so, the Secretariat assumes that all other authors/presenters have been informed of and agreed to the withdrawal.



Author notification

Authors will receive notification of acceptance, revisions or rejection by the end of October/beginning of November 2018.

Upon receiving notification of acceptance, authors are required to notify the Arctic Frontiers Secretariat of their intent to participate/present at the conference. Presentations of authors who fail to notify the Conference Secretariat by Friday 09 November 2018 may be withdrawn from the program at the discretion of the committee.

You will be notified of your presentation details (presentation day, date and time) soon hereafter.

Further Information

For further information, please contact the Arctic Frontiers Secretariat: secretariat@arcticfrontiers.com



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