Royal Roundtable: The Arctic Future Is Here

The Dutch and Norwegian Royal Couples during the roundtable discussion at the Fram Museum

One should not have to choose between opportunities and home, was one of the key takeaways as eight young professionals made their voices heard during the State Visit to Norway by Their Majesties King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands.

Arctic Frontiers had the honour of facilitating a roundtable discussion between Norwegian and Dutch young professionals and the Royal couples of Norway and the Netherlands, at the Fram Museum in Oslo.

The themes of the discussion were young people’s thoughts about and experiences with the basis of life and the future in the Arctic.

Emphasized by several participants was the importance of cooperation: Preservation of indigenous peoples’ livelihoods, languages and cultures is crucial, as well as scientific cooperation between countries and between scientists and locals.

[In Norwegian]: Read about the event in Avisa Nordland here.

Thank you to Anja Márjá Nystø Keskitalo, Michal Meyer Nilssen, Marije Tempel, Astrid Regine Nässlander, Annabel Slettenhaar, Renno Hokwerda and Maaike Weerdsteijn, as well as to the Embassy of the Netherlands.

Photo: Marcus Thomassen

Photo: Marcus Thomassen

Photo: Marcus Thomassen

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