Virga Popovaitė

PhD Candidate, Nord University, Norway

I am Virga Popovaitė. My background knowledge consists of diverse academic approaches and experience. I am currently a PhD fellow in Sociology at Nord University, Bodø campus, Norway. I am educated in History (BA and MA) and Social and Cultural Anthropology (MSc). In my professional life, I was mostly engaged in Archaeology. My PhD project focuses on use of maps during Search and Rescue operations in Northern Norway, which essentially relates to wider questions of safety and security in the Arctic region. I am keen on inspecting transdisciplinary approaches and how they can be applied in practice. Therefore, my explorations led me to where and what I am researching now.

I am currently located within the Polar Circle (Bodø) and my research connects my interest in remote surroundings, fascination with uncertainty, and the need to explore how and why things work the way they do. My experience of changes in surroundings allows me to reflect on my own situated knowledge. Even though I am mostly rooted in academic exploration, I have been involved in other walks of life. I have worked as a cigarette-butt picker in Lithuanian suburbs, a cleaner at a busy airport in Amsterdam, a bartender in rushing London, a camping warden in a remote volcanic valley in Iceland, an archaeologist in Canadian bushes, among other roles. I like challenges and exploration. With each country I lived at and each project I took on, I have gained invaluable experiences and motivation for further inquiry into one’s interactions with surroundings. Ever since setting a foot on Iceland, I have been mesmerised by the (sub-)Arctic. I am determined to excel myself further, and get immersed into vibrant and challenging specifics of the region.

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