Valentin Strömberg (Sweden)

Masters, Linköping University

My name is Valentin Strömberg and I am an International Relations master student from Linköping University (Sweden) with a keen interest in Arctic politics and I take part of the conference as an ambassador for Arctic Frontiers Young.

During the fall semester 2017 I stayed in Nuuk (Greenland) as an exchange student at Ilisimatusarfik (University of Greenland). This short life experience expanded my awareness of Arctic politics and, from then on, I want to start my professional career in relation to Arctic affairs.

I am currently writing my master thesis about the governmental practices and changes in the Arctic region in order to determine Greenland’s role and agency capacity in the Arctic governance. The results of my study will, eventually, serve to inspire policy-makers with an interest to improve Greenland’s political influence in Arctic affairs.The Arctic region grows in interest for every year to pass showing the region’s relevance on the international arena. Thus, I genuinely believe that international forums should get young people and new generations more involved to awake their interest and knowledge of what is going on in the Arctic.

The Arctic Frontiers conference offers this unique chance for the youth. Personally, I find the Arctic Frontiers conference to be a perfect forum to broaden my knowledge about the challenges of the region as well as how to tackle the vulnerabilities. Besides, the Arctic Frontiers open up the opportunity for young people to do some networking and get in touch with business leaders and young professionals.

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