Stine Margrethe Raastad

Trainee, Norwegian Space Agency

I am a political scientist with a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Oslo. I wrote my thesis about geopolitics in the Barents-sea region, and I have always been interested in the High North. I have also focused on environmental issues throughout my studies, specializing in both security policy and sustainability.

I am currently a trainee at the Norwegian Space Agency, where I will write two articles about space and security policy. One of the articles will focus on how Norway will maneuver the increased strategic importance of space. This means that the Arctic is highly relevant for my scholarly research: Norwegian space assets are based in the High North.

As a person, I am positive and energetic. I like to make other people happy, although my comedy skills occasionally miss. I am very interested in music and literature, usually spending my time off reading books or listening to new songs. I grew up in Oslo – my favorite city still – but currently live in Jessheim.

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