Solveig Reichert (Germany)

Masters, Lund University

My name is Solveig and I’m studying MSc in Human Geography at Lund University, Sweden. In Human Geography, the relationship between people and places is the key focus, and the Arctic and its people is a place of matter, which is why I’m writing my master thesis in cooperation with the Arctic Sustainability Lab. The thesis will be on the relationship between the people living in and off the Arctic, with main focus on the lack of inclusion of indigenous and traditional knowledge when looking for solutions to especially environmental issues in the Arctic. People in Arctic face land management issues when several “industries” are living of the land in the north, and it is my belief, that future inclusion of indigenous and traditional knowledge can contribute to solve these land disputes. Engaging with people who are right now working with some of the real world issues within the field of Arctic environmental management is my main motivation for participating in the Arctic Frontiers Conference. I have throughout my studies been interested in the Arctic and indigenous issues, and participation in the conference is broadening my horizon and strengthen my curiosity in the field. I find the lack of inclusion of indigenous and traditional knowledge in western academia very shamefully, especially in times where the feminist scene is gaining momentum, it seems like we have forgotten an important part of Arctic peoples.

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