Sille Marie Myreng (Norway)

Asiaq Greenland Survey

Sille Marie Myreng has lived in the Arctic for most of her life and has always been fascinated by the dynamics and characteristics of the physical environment as well as the social communities in cold, remote places. She started her studies in Trondheim, moving down from my home turf in the Tromsø area, but I quickly ended up in Longyearbyen to study the high arctic glaciers. She wrote her master’s thesis on the formation of river channels on glaciers and the formation of ice tunnels, a subject that still enchants her. Today, she lives and works in Greenland, for the government owned company Asiaq Greenland Survey. Her work is centered around the collection and processing of environmental data, and key tasks include locating potential hydropower sites, maintaining hydrological stations and performing field measurements of water discharge, snow cover and glacier mass balance.

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