Sheng Xu

PhD Candidate, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Sheng Xu is a PhD candidate at Department of Marine Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. His principal area of research is Arctic shipping safety. He has developed different risk models for Arctic shipping accidents, such as ship besetting in ice and icebreaker-ship collisions, and analyzed the safe distance between icebreaker and ship in escort/convoy operations. The results from his work could be integrated with route planning to calculate emissions from maritime traffic and contribute to safer operations and mitigate the adverse effects of accidents.

He currently works on “Ocean Pilot Project – Risk, Reliability, and Ice data in Arctic Marine Environment”. He has been a part of several international teams performing great variety of tasks ranging from development of new models for Arctic shipping to route planning. In addition, he worked as a cadet/third mate on board in Royal Wagenborg, the Netherland and has ice navigation experience.

He is an academically skilled PhD student. He is a committed person, and Arctic challenges are his great passion.

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