Rylin McGee (USA)

Bachelors, University of Richmond

Background: I am a senior at the University of Richmond, majoring in International Development and Russian Studies, with an acute interest in Arctic regions, sustainability and the environment. Last spring, I spent the semester abroad at Irkutsk State University where I completed a research internship exploring the connection between development and the environment, especially in Russia’s Arctic and Sub-arctic regions.

Motivation: This semester, I will be pursuing an independent research project, using geospatial analysis to explore a topic relating to Arctic development. My goal is to contribute to the current body of research and knowledge surrounding Arctic sustainability through a project that is relevant and valuable; therefore, I hope to use the conference to inform my research topic selection, methods and direction. Further, with the goal of pursuing a career in Arctic sustainability, following graduation I plan to apply for a Fulbright to pursue a master’s degree in Arctic sustainable development, climate change management, or Northern studies. I believe the Arctic Frontiers conference provides an immense educational opportunity for students such as myself to experience successful international collaboration across sectors, which is integral to securing a smart, sustainable Arctic for the future.

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