Renno Hokwerda (The Netherlands)

Research Council of Holland

Renno Hokwerda works as policy officer for the Netherlands Polar Programme. Following and managing polar research and developments is a core business of his. Held by the Dutch Research Council and five Ministries, the programme’s key task is to fund state-of-the-art research and keep the field connected and informed.

Renno’s attraction to the North has deep roots. Born and raised in the High North of the Netherlands, the (relative) remoteness was a central part of daily life. After a voyage to Greenland, he did a minor programme, master course and student-assistantship at the Arctic Centre in the Netherlands. Educated a Spatial Planner and Geographer (MSc), his key interests are in Arctic communities, resources and protection, but his horizon has broadened all the way to birds, ecology and climate. A second job of his is to take kids to the coast and teach them about marine life. His best Arctic experience was as a trainee guide Hurtigruten’s FRAM, which brought me to all corners of Svalbard. Renno loved the combination of entertainer, beautiful nature, storm, socialising, (crisis) management and above all: sharing Knowledge. That tastes like more.

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