Mikhail Uksosov

Murmansk Arctic State University

While preparing to become a teacher of English language in Murmansk Arctic State University he had a chance to enrol into a Bachelor of Northern Studies program in UiT – The Arctic University of Norway where his first real international experience began. At first it felt like a hands-on language practice until he realised what an interesting and multidimensional place the North is. This is when he decided that his professional search should be closely related to the international component of the Northern regions whatever the specific sphere was – that’s how everything is of such a huge interest. Luckily, he had a chance to get a position as one of international cooperation managers in MASU the duties of which are never limited to one specific domain. While he was working on organisation of international activities within the fields of arts, design, psychology, education, e-learning and tourism in the North, he got a Master’s degree in Translation studies and is now teaching Bachelor students the art of practical translation. In addition to 9 to 5 duties he finds himself in the sphere of Body-and-Mind training through meditation, physical activities and choreography, so his late evenings are very much dedicated to teaching people of how to move consciously and be self-aware, beautiful and happy.

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