Marius Paulsen Haugen

Senior Engineer Operations Manager, Equinor Hardstad

Hi, my name is Marius Paulsen Haugen. My position is Senior Engineer Operations Management in Equinor Harstad.

I originate from Sortland in Vesterålen, Northern Norway. I currently live in and have lived in Northern Norway most of my life. Consequently, I care about my homeplace, the arctic region, and how we further develop the region without compromising the characterizing and stunning nature.

I enjoy the nature and activities connected to it, such as skiing, bicycling and running. I currently have the role as “digital lead” within operations for the oil field development project Johan Castberg. My current responsibilities are to increase safety, efficiency and reduce carbon footprint by digitalization and new technology. I am the task manager for three teams. “Automation”, “IT PreOps” and a core team working on continuous improvement initiatives.

I see myself as hard working and ambitious. As a potential participant in the Emerging Leaders program 2023 I am hoping to exchange knowledge and competence with other young professionals. I also seek to broaden my network, develop my communication skills and discuss the global environmental challenges to get a further holistic perspective on the current issues and challenges.

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