Konstantin Moskvin

Murmansk Arctic State University

As a young scientist who was born and raised in the North of the Russian Federation, I have always wanted to do my best to contribute to the studies of my homeland. I see the participation at the Arctic Frontiers Students Forum as an opportunity to learn something new from more experienced scientists from abroad. Also, as a young professional working at the Murmansk Marine Biological Institute, I would like to learn more about the research projects of my peers and their general fields of research in the Arctic. I believe that it is really important to meet other biologists and ecologists to get a better understanding of the current state of the Arctic region and to consider their points of view on its further development. The participation at the Forum is also an opportunity for further collaborations with other scientists. As a biologist, my own research covers biodiversity and ecological distribution of Polychaeta in the Barents Sea. For now, the main focus is investigating the distribution of specimens of the genus Pholoe. The main goal of the research is to identify the ecological preferences of various Pholoe species and monitor their biomass and population density.

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