Judith Braun

Postdoc Researcher, Scottish Association for Marine Science

I am an environmental scientist, having mostly worked on biogeochemical cycling of carbon and nitrogen in various terrestrial systems as well as in the Arctic Ocean. For my studies, I have moved from Germany to Austria and then Scotland where I spent the past five years on the beautiful west coast, completing a PhD at the Scottish Association for Marine Science. My PhD project focussed on productivity in the Barents Sea based on nutrient availability, uptake and cycling in relation to sea ice cover. This involved several research cruises to the Barents Sea in close collaboration with UiT The Arctic University of Norway. The fieldwork was performed covering an entire Arctic season followed by many years of chemical analyses in the laboratory. My research was conducted as part of the interdisciplinary project Arctic PRIZE (https://www.changing-arctic-ocean.ac.uk/project/arctic-prize/) which allowed me to collaborate closely with several others studying the Arctic Ocean from different angles. At the moment, I am working on the publication of my research in academic journals.

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