Jens Toft

Project Coordinator, Arctic Council Secretariat

Jens Toft works as a project coordinator at the Arctic Council Secretariat in Tromsø after concluding a one-year internship at the Secretariat. As a project coordinator he is tasked to develop a strategy on how to empower youth to participate in decision making processes in the Arctic. At the same time, he is finishing his studies at the Indigenous Studies Masters program at UiT, the Arctic University of Norway. His thesis is on the topic of extractive industries and Indigenous Peoples’ rights as an affiliate to the IndKnow project at the Centre for Sami Studies. Previous studies include Global Humanities at Roskilde University, Denmark, with a focus on communication and cultural encounters and an exchange program to Maynooth University, Ireland, with a particular focus on international development. A central goal with moving to the Arctic was to work at the Arctic Council Secretariat and to play a part in the Council’s circumpolar aim to inform decision makers on changes in the Arctic related to Arctic Peoples, biodiversity, climate, ocean, pollution, and emergency preparedness. Jens holds that cooperation between actors in the Arctic is central to sustainable development and wants to play an active part in this process.

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