Hannah Mary Goodlad (UK)

Equinor New Energy Operations, Norway

Hannah Mary Goodlad grew up on a family run salmon farm in the remote Shetland Islands, the furthest North part of the UK. Flanked by the wild Atlantic Ocean to the West and the energy-rich North Sea to the East, it is this geographical isolation that has created a deeply resourceful and innovative culture amongst the islanders. Goodlads upbringing on the islands led to her developing a strong passion for nature and harnessing the energy from the ocean. She is passionate about the planet and securing its sustainable future and believes that the place she can make the greatest difference to the green agenda is by influencing from the inside. By being closer to the problem, she also gets closer to the solution.

After securing a first-class Geology degree from Glasgow University, Goodlad went on to gain as petroleum geology masters from Imperial Collage, London. Equinor snapped her up as one of their young graduates and she went to Oslo to work on the subsurface development of the giant UK oilfield, Mariner. After a few years in the subsurface world, Goodlad had the opportunity to transition into the “New Energy Solutions” within Equinor.

Goodlads change of role took her down to London and away from Geology. She now spends her time as an operational asset manager and developing new offshore wind projects globally.
Goodlads ambition now is to play whatever part she can in helping to move towards a more sustainable energy solution for the planet. The world demands more energy, but less carbon – she believes this is an exciting dilemma to solve!

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