Florian Vidal (France)

Paris Diderot University

Florian Vidal holds a PhD in Political Science (Paris Descartes University, France). His PhD thesis is entitled “Norway-Russia relations in the Arctic: Perspective and analysis of a regional dynamic in the Anthropocene era”. Previously, he served for the French cultural delegation in Russia (2008-2010) before to spend some time in South America (NGO activities). Between 2013 and 2017, he worked as a Senior Business Analyst for strategic investments in value chain industry and emerging technologies (transportation, energy and communication) both in Eastern Europe and Latin America. Nowadays, he is a research fellow at the Paris Interdisciplinary Energy Research Institute (Paris Diderot University, France) and currently leads the scientific project “GlobalArctic” (EPFL, Switzerland). His focus is on governance and energy transition in the Polar region and High Mountains. Lastly, he is Council Member of the Association Polar of Early Career Scientists (APECS).

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