Emilie Hernes Vereide (Norway)

Masters, University of Oslo

My name is Emilie Hernes Vereide. I am a M.Sc. student in marine biology, currently enrolled at the University of Oslo. I finished the bachelor program in biology at the University of Copenhagen in 2017, where I also attended an exchange program at UNIS, Svalbard. During my stay in the Arctic I decided to specialize in Arctic marine biology and ecology, which led to a M.Sc. project in TerrACE (Effects of Terrestrial inputs on Arctic Coastal Ecosystems). I study the terrestrial influence on zooplankton community structure, and after extensive fieldwork in the spring/summer of 2018 I will try to get an better understanding of how these communities are influenced, both temporal and spatial.

The participation in Arctic Frontiers will allow me to gain more knowledge of science in the Arctic, and to be further introduced to the community and the people involved. As a master student, I will get an unique opportunity to share and gain more experiences with people sharing the same passion and interests. I am presenting preliminary results from my project, and I will be benefited with useful and constructive feedback, furthermore get the chance to discuss my work with scientists and fellow students. Altogether, as a young, female researcher, Arctic Frontiers is the ideal platform to get inspired, discuss and increase my knowledge of Arctic science – and enrich my early career in new and challenging ways.

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