Ekaterina Sjiman (Russia)

International Academic Mobility Centre

Ekaterina Shiman is head of international academic mobility centre, Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov, Arkhangelsk (Russia)

Specialist Diploma in Linguistics, Teaching English and French

Master Diploma in Business communication in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region

PhD student in Philology, NArFU

Ekaterina was born in the North and have lived here her whole life. She has been working at NArFU International Cooperation Department for 6 years already. Her job is closely related to the youth cooperation in BEAR. She is in charge, among other matters, of preparation and submission of applications for raising funds for international academic mobility (Barents Plus, Erasmus +, FIRST +). Together with a formal part our team is responsible for orientation and adaptation of short-term and degree international students. Ekaterina believes that youth cooperation in the High North needs to be maintained for our common future. She hopes to bring in it her fair share of contribution.

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