Donovan Russoniello

Outreach Director, Renewable Energy Alaska Project

Donovan Russoniello is currently the Outreach Director for Renewable Energy Alaska Project – the leading clean energy education and advocacy group in the only Arctic state in the United States. Donovan earned a degree in Finance and Applied Mathematics from the University of Notre Dame, and after graduating in 2016 he spent three years honing his analytical skills as an economic consultant in Chicago. Since then, Donovan has utilized those skills to assist in developing and advocating for policies designed to accelerate Alaska’s clean energy transition. He also has extensive experience managing Alaskan political campaigns and community organizing with organizations such as the Sunrise Movement, The Climate Reality Project, and the Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition. In 2021, Donovan’s organizing and advocacy helped convince Alaska’s Republican Governor to introduce Renewable Portfolio Standard legislation that would require the state’s urban utilities to generate 80% of their electricity from renewable energy resources by 2040. Since joining REAP full time in 2022, Donovan has worked to further the organization’s mission by developing and expanding its organizational membership, fundraising programs, and grant proposals along with managing REAP’s external communications and events. Donovan is passionate about building a broad movement of government agencies, private industry, technology providers, and other Alaskan energy stakeholders united by a common vision for our clean energy future and developing policies that will allow us to realize that shared vision. He is inspired by the example Norway has set as an oil-rich society that nonetheless generates the vast majority of its electricity from renewable resources while leading the charge toward electrified transportation solutions. Donovan hopes to draw lessons from the Norwegian success story to help inform Alaska’s own Green Shift.

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