Brian Keitaro Conwell (Alaska, USA)

Undergraduate, Harvard University

Background: I grew up in Unalaska, a small island community in the Aleutian Chain 800 miles from the nearest city of Anchorage. I am an alumni of Alaska Youth for Environmental Action (AYEA), a program offered by the Alaska Center to empower high school students to advocate for their communities as it pertains to the environment. During my senior year of high school, I was selected to be an Arctic Youth Ambassador, a position I hope to use to broaden my horizons as an advocate as well as spread the message of my community on a larger stage. Currently, I am a first-year undergraduate at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts hoping to study History with the intent to attend law school in the future. The Arctic Frontiers conference is a valuable opportunity for me to see Arctic issues from an international perspective. I am excited to be able to share my own unique perspective in this setting as well.

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