Aubrey Roberts

Postdoc Researcher, University of Oslo

My family and I moved from the United Kingdom when I was four. I grew up surrounded by the beautiful nature in Southwestern Norway, which awoke my deep appreciation for the natural world. As a result I decided to study biology at the University of Oslo (UiO). A pivotal decision in my life was when I decided to spend a semester at the University Centre in Svalbard (Unis). I fell in love with final frontier feeling of Longyearbyen, the beautiful nature and the amazingly rich fossil history of the archipelago. It was here I realised that it was possible to live my childhood dream of studying fossils. So I decided to continue with a master’s degree at UiO, focused on fossil reptiles from Svalbard. This opened a door into a whole new world for me and I was hooked. As Norwegian PhD positions are few and far between in palaeontology, I decided to return to the UK, to see if I could make a collaboration project between my research group in Oslo and a UK-based institution. I ended up at the University of Southampton, where I built up a collaboration project, putting reptile fossils from Svalbard into perspective with penecontemporanous fossils from the UK. After my PhD, I took a temporary job at the University of Bath, but decided to move with my partner to London, where I pursued my interest in teaching. Here I received a post graduate Certificate in Education from Kingston University and became a research associate at the London Natural History Museum. In 2019 I was offered a job back in Oslo and rejoined the palaeontology research as a post doc. Now I study fossils documenting marine ecosystem recovery from Svalbard after the largest global mass extinction.

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