Anna Millionova Hvistendahl (Latvia)

Masters, Aalborg University

MSc in Development and International Relations, specialization in the Arctic Studies.

I have a business background in Export and Technology Management and have been working in the food industry during the whole study period.

I have strategically implemented the Triple Bottom Line approach as a framework for studying the Arctic. As a result, I have dedicated my last year semester on the research of social challenges within Arctic communities and how it impacts the development in the region, particularly in Greenland.

Furthermore, I have just finished my internship in the largest seafood producers in Greenland – Royal Greenland, where I had the experience to gather knowledge of the fishing industry. This experience helped me to understand the role of businesses in the Arctic region and the opportunities and challenges which the fishing industry possesses.

I am excited to be a part of the conference since it offers a perfect opportunity for networking with professionals from all sectors.

At the same time, this experience will contribute to my knowledge in the Arctic, especially within the ocean management, Arctic seafood and food security.

I am pleased to participate in the event as such.

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