Alexander Christopher West (UK)

University of Tromsø

Originally from the UK where I completed my PhD in molecular biology at the University of Manchester. My main interests are in biological timekeeping, both daily and seasonal. The mechanisms which underpin these processes allow an organism to survive by anticipating change within the environment. Nowhere is this more pertinent than in the arctic where long cold winters must be endured and short summers must be maximally exploited. In my current research position at Universitetet i Tromsø (Norway) I am part of a team who are investigating the effect of changing photoperiod (day-length) on the physiology and behaviour of a variety of arctic species. My main work on the Atlantic salmon examines the preparatory processes involved before the fish migrate to the sea. We hope that our work will have duel impact, both on the academic field of chronobiology but also have significant implications for the aquaculture industry.

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