Northern Norwegian European Day

North Norway European Office and Arctic Frontiers partnered up for a debate “Europe in crises – how does it concern us in Northern Norway?” on the December, 7 2022 in Tromsø, Norway.

This event was a part of the extensive program of Nordnorske Europadager (Northern Norwegian Europe Days), organized by the North Norway European Office in Brussels and Troms and Finnmark county council. The goal is to increase the engagement in the processes within the European Union (EU) and promote opportunities for northern Norwegian companies and institutions, by participating in the political processes and different EU programs. There is a need for more knowledge and competence about EU as it is an important agenda setter in many sectors in Norway.

Panel members included Lotte Lindbjør (UN Global Compact), Lise Rye (NTNNU), Petter Bjørkli (Energi I Nord), Gøril Johansen (Pro Tromsø AS), Marcela Douglas Aranibar (Centre for Peace Studies) , Lavrans Lockertsen (Youth County Council, Troms and Finnmark) and Torjer A. Olsen (UiT). The discussion was open to members of the public and moderated by Zølvi Pedersen from The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø (UiT).



“It is important to have international cooperation on all levels, as the tasks we have ahead of us are too big to be handled alone.”

This was the main message which united all speakers. The debate covered several topics: the war in Europe and the solidarity work, climate crisis, energy crisis, indigenous peoples interests and youth engagement.

Julia Seljeseth, senior advisor at Arctic Frontiers, in her concluding remarks invited everybody to continue these important conversations at the Arctic Frontiers conference taking place on the 30.01.-02.02.2023 in Tromsø where many of the key topics will be a part of the program.

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