Subsea Market Outlook Seminar – Arctic and Northern Regions


Thursday 23 November, 2017



Thursday 23 November, 2017


Lille Ole Bull Scene, Øvre Ole Bulls plass 3,Bergen, Norway


Moderator: Liv Monica Stubholt, Partner, Selmer
Organizers: GCE Subsea, Arctic Frontiers, NORWEP

The Arctic Ocean carries vast resources, many of which are undeveloped and undiscovered. As the climate changes, new marine areas and potential subsea markets in the High North are becoming accessible. The Norwegian subsea competence and technology is unique in a global perspective. With new areas of the Arctic Ocean becoming accessible, how do we put this competence to best use? How do we assess, manage and mitigate risk connected to the northern subsea market? What are the market outlooks for the High North and Barents area? When will these new markets become accessible?

09:00 Registration / breakfast served

09:30 Welcome and short introduction

Arctic and cold climate database and activities

  • Mr. Thor Christian Andvik, Statoil & Norwep – Project Director Arctic and Cold Climate Solutions

Offshore market outlook

  • Toril Inga Røe Utvik, Manager Arctic Unit, Statoil

The Barents Sea: Research, innovation and subsea market

  • Salve Dahle, Director, Akvaplan Niva

10:40 Short break

10:50 Panel discussion

11:30 Closing remarks & wrapup


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