Tromsø by night Photo: Yngve Olsen

Smart Arctic – a seminar organized by Arctic Frontiers


Saturday 28 April, 2018



Saturday 28 April, 2018


Anchorage Museum, 625 C St, Anchorage, Alaska 99501, USA


Panel discussion and Q&A

Moderator: Gøril Johansen, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs envoy to Arctic Frontiers


  • Ole Øvretveit, Director, Arctic Frontiers15:05 PM PANEL DISCUSSION
  • Nils Andreassen, Managing director, Institute of the North
  • Julie Decker, Director, Anchorage Museum Director, Anchorage Museum
  • Mette Mohåg, Deputy Director, Department of Urban Development, Tromsø Municipality
  • Yngve Birkelund, Head of department, Department of Engineering and Safety, UiT The Arctic University of Norway 
  • Jeremy McGovern, Director, Northern Norway Art Museum

Smart cities are exciting places to work, live and find inspiration for new ideas. The use of modern technologies makes their networks and services more efficient, benefiting both their inhabitants and businesses. However, the Arctic’s climate and geography can be challenging for development of modern cities and societies. Arctic cities therefore need to seek even “smarter” solutions in order to become truly smart and efficient.

How do traditional cities develop into smart cities and how does this development differ for Arctic cities? How can we use our Arctic know-how to our advantage and develop smart city solutions? What lessons can we learn from other cities, which already become “smarter”? How can the challenges and requirements for smart cities in the Arctic be met in a sustainable and cost-efficient manner? How can Arctic cities reap the most benefits from “smart” technologies in terms of innovation, growth and productivity? This breakout session addresses possibilities and obstacles of becoming “smart” in the Arctic by focusing on the aspects of mobility, energy, economy, governance, technology and society.


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