Arctic Frontiers Webinar: Arctic Marine Operations and Shipping: Green Initiatives and Challenges


Wednesday 07 April, 2021



Wednesday 07 April, 2021



Major economies aim to be carbon neutral by 2050. Such an ambition implies an almost full transition away from using fossil fuels to power the transport sector, including maritime transport. How will the maritime Arctic be influenced by global responses to climate change? The webinar, organized by the Academia Europaea Bergen Knowledge Hub (AE-Bergen), Pacific Environment, The University of Bergen and Arctic Frontiers addresses maritime transport in the Arctic and will provide insights into a complex set of issues: the Arctic’s policy framework for marine safety and environmental protection; indigenous and conservation perspectives; green ship technology; marine infrastructure; and, what measures are needed to make Arctic marine operations and shipping more sustainable.


We host this webinar together with Pacific Environment, and our partners Academia Europaea Bergen Knowledge Hub (AE-Bergen) and The University of Bergen. Please find more details about the speakers and registration here.

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