Arctic Frontiers Open: The role of the media in the new Arctic hype


Wednesday 29 January, 2020



Wednesday 29 January, 2020


Sjøgata 12, 9008 Tromsø, Norway


Arctic is the new hype. We in Arctic countries do believe that everybody talks about it, everybody thinks about it, everyone dreams about it. Arctic conferences are popping up all over the northern hemisphere, like mushrooms after a rainstorm. Politicians are vying to think about the Arctic, day and night.

National authorities throw grants for people with Arctic entrepreneurial ideas. Are you thinking of starting a new business – make sure you include the two keywords “Arctic” and “opportunity” in your business presentation. And it does not lack ambition. Soon the whole world looks to the Arctic! This is where everything has to happen! Here there is both cold, oil, gas, fish and space for both residents and tourists.

But is this interesting to anyone but us, Arctic people, who live here in the north? The world sees the Arctic through the eyes of journalists, but how do we cover it? What does the world really know about the Arctic?


  • Anna Kireeva, journalist and chair Barents Press Russia
  • Tom Yulsman, journalist, Discover Magazine,and professor at University of Colorado’s Center for Environmental Journalism
  • Jens-Eirik Larsen, International Press Coordinator, Tromsø International Film Festival / Arctic Frontiers / Nordlysfestivalen, and former journalist
  • Leif Lønsmann, board member and senior advisor, Nordic Journalism center, Aarhus, and former journalist at DR

Moderator: Amund Trellevik, reporter High North News and chair Barents Press Norway


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