Arctic Frontiers Open: Pecha Kucha – Power of Knowledge and closing party


Thursday 30 January, 2020



Thursday 30 January, 2020


Storgata 5, 9008 Tromsø, Norway


Pecha Kucha is the world’s fastest growing platform for storytelling. The presenter has 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide to share their passion and spread knowledge. Pecha Kucha means small talk in Japanese and was started in 2003 by Klein Dytham architects from Tokyo to avoid «death by power point». Since then, three million people have participated in PechaKucha events worldwide. The first event in Tromsø was held in 2008, organised by 70°N arkitektur, TANK design and friends. There has been a diverse audience at the events. The youngest being only two months and the oldest 100 years old. Presentations have been given by everyone from school children, scientist, entrepreneurs and mayors of Tromsø.

Arctic Frontiers closing party will begin right after the PechaKucha with DJ Elle Márjá Eira from Article3.

Welcome to a creative, authentic, memorable and fun evening!

PechaKucha moderator is Muriel Dunn.

PechaKucha speakers are:

    • Alexandra Stocker talks about “Sailing North”.
    • Andrew Bateman talks about “Conceptual Photography for the Arctic”
    • Frankie Jean-Gagnon talks about “Toward supporting self-empowerment of Inuit in wildlife management: experience from a qallunaq living in the north”
    • Jarle Bjerke talks about «Changing Arctic and a greener Arctic»
    • Maria Huhmarniemi talks about “Arctic arts and research”


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