2019 – Smart Arctic

Arctic Frontiers started out in 2006 assembling the first global scientific conference on economic, societal and environmental sustainable growth in the north. In January 2019, we will arrange the 13th conference with the theme “Smart Arctic”. The conference has a pan arctic perspective and builds new partnerships across nations, generations and ethnic groups. Arctic Frontiers provides a forum for dialogue and communication between science, government and industry in the Arctic.

In 2019, the Arctic Frontiers plenary program will have seven main sessions with the following working titles:

  • State of the Arctic
  •  The power of knowledge
  • Smart Arctic societies, Ocean health
  • Blue growth through green thinking
  • Arctic seafood and food security
  • Offshore energy and mineral resource prospects and Arctic seaways

Arctic Frontiers Science 2019 addressed the following themes:

  • Plastics in the Ocean
  • The future of governance and handling vulnerability in arctic ecosystems
  • State of the Arctic
  • A Smart Arctic Future



Arctic Frontiers Science  

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