2018 – Connecting the Arctic

Connecting the Arctic

In a world of increasing turmoil the Arctic is still a place for collaboration and peaceful communication. In maintaining peaceful relations across borders in the north the encompassing science collaboration has been particular important. The vast ocean that represents the bulk of the arctic area carries large potentials, but also threats. As increasingly larger parts of it will be utilised, how do we communicate and conduct search and rescue. And more importantly, how do we secure productive and healthy oceans. Sustainable development of the ocean is of particular importance in this matter. Sustainable business development is also key in securing resilient arctic societies. Connecting these societies together and closer to the rest of the world’s ideas, knowledge, technology and capital is an issue of special importance at Arctic Frontiers Policy in 2018.

In 2018 the Arctic Frontiers Policy program had five main sessions with the following tentative working titles: State of the Arctic, Technology and connectivity, Resilient Arctic societies and business development, Healthy and productive oceans, Industry and environment.



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