2008 – Out of the Blue

Out of the blue, major challenges and endless opportunities are arising in the polar regions. A changing climate is currently making the Arctic Ocean more accessible to mankind and our constant search for resources. At the same time thawing permafrost makes transportation on land more difficult.

A balanced development of oil and gas activities is on the agenda when scientists, politicians, leaders from the oil and gas industry, representatives of indigenous people, and other stakeholders meet at Arctic Frontiers.


  • Part I: Oil and Gas Activities in the Arctic. Past, Present and Future
  • Part II: Social Economic Aspects of Arctic Oil and Gas Development, and Indigenous Peoples’ Perspectives
  • Part III: Sources, Inputs, Concentrations and Fate of Petroleum Hydrocarbons and PAHs in the Arctic Environment
  • Part IV: Effects of Petroleum Hydrocarbons on Arctic Biota and Humans
  • Part V: Status and Vulnerability of Arctic Ecosystems and Effectiveness of Regulations and Emergency, Preparedness and Response
  • Part VI: Arctic Environmental Technologies 



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