V. Arctic seafood and food security

Today, less than 5 percent of global food production comes from the ocean. The Northern, Sub-Arctic Oceans are rich in natural resources and generally well managed contributing to food security for a growing world population. Favourable natural conditions and environmentally sensitive and sustainable industrial development also contribute to livelihoods in coastal communities. Exports of seafood generate significant revenue for companies operating in the North and Arctic states have demonstrated their ability through successful management of the marine fisheries, based on extensive international cooperation. Aligning sustainability and profitability is the key for continued success in the future. Major technological developments in aquaculture, changes in the geographical distribution of fish stocks and new species emerging in harvestable quantities will change the current landscape. How can ocean management keep pace with such changes, driven by environmental factors and technological innovations? What is required to create a sustainable and competitive seafood industry in remote rural areas based on local raw materials?

Line Kjelstrup Photo: Lars Olav Sparboe

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