IV. Ocean health. Blue growth through green thinking

Healthy and productive oceans are the foundation for arctic coastal communities. The oceans of the Arctic are changing more rapidly than the global ocean as a whole with pronounced changes in temperatures, stratification, freshwater content and ice cover. Knowledge-based dialogue on governance systems and best practices in order to handle rapid change in Arctic ecosystems is needed at the national level, across borders and in areas beyond national jurisdiction. Marine debris reaches the Arctic from various sources: marine litter breaks down into microplastics and manufactured microplastics enter the environment. What is being done to combat these problems? Several new global initiatives have been taken to address the environmental status and sustainable use of the ocean, in addition to existing agreements and ongoing processes.’ Our Ocean’ and Norway’s international high-level panel on sustainable ocean economy are among these efforts. How are these efforts being coordinated? What has been achieved so far? Ocean-based industries have enormous potential. How do we ensure that the international community works towards economic growth whilst preserving a sound ocean environment? The UNs Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) calls for innovation to improve the management of our oceans. Modern technologies and smart solutions are crucial in this picture. How can business help implement these SDGs? What is the role of science in this picture? How may this enhance entrepreneurship through science?

Line Kjelstrup Photo: Lars Olav Sparboe

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