I. State of the Arctic

The Arctic has become an integral part of global affairs. As images of the dramatic effects of climate change in the region reverberate through world politics, the Arctic Council and other arctic fora provide rare examples of East-West cooperation in tumultuous times. Powerful actors are promoting their interests and involvement in Arctic politics and economic development. How are these economic developments, including the Northern Sea Route, proceeding and what are the potential longer-term diplomatic and governance consequences?  With the region’s growing visibility on the world stage,how will these complex regional and global relationships,challenges and opportunities play out in the future?

As the world drifts towards increased confrontation, nationalism and protectionism, will the Arctic also change as a result? Can the Arctic contribute to global well-being while we simultaneously build a prosperous and healthy future for the people of the North? Are indigenous peoples heard and included in crucial processes? And finally – are the Arctic Council and other regional fora working effectively to address these challenges?

Line Kjelstrup Photo: Lars Olav Sparboe

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